DONTICS CARE wanted to take its digital marketing and advertisement campaign to the next level when it joined MiintByte in 2018. DONTICS CARRE, in particular, needed a marketing partner to conduct a well-optimized campaign.  without bloating their current marketing budget, a highly targeted search, display, and social advertising campaign not only drove a high volume of potential new leads but also turned those leads into new patients. MiintByte has worked closely with the DONTICS CARE team since the beginning of this collaboration to introduce a complete suite of search, social, and display advertising strategies. These strategies have produced nearly 75,000 new leads to a date, with over 64,600 of them coming in the last year. In reality, our partnership produced an estimated 34,950 new patients in 2019. Here’s how we collaborated to produce these remarkable results.

Acquisition through the entire funnel, including search, social, and display ads

There’s no denying that the explosion of multimedia media has had a huge impact on how people seek dental care. Starting in 2018, our teams implemented paid search (PPC), social, and display advertising campaigns for DONTICS Treatment in order to reach the right people at the right time—where and when they search for dental care. Our aim was to use tactics that specifically targeted particular populations to actively feed the top of DONTICS CARE’S patient lead funnel. At the same time, we worked to increase ad impressions on the consideration page, which is an important step in the lead generation and conversion process.

PPC (pay-per-click) ads for a specific audience

Knowing who your target audience is is key in digital ads. We created and tailored PPC campaigns centered on the likely position of DONTICS CARE’S potential new dental patients, including those within a certain radius of each location. In addition, we built a custom target keyword list based on DONTICS CARE’s facilities, promotions, and specialties, and then used our patented keyword bidding tool to customize our advertisements for these keywords.

The cost per acquisition (CPA) has decreased by 62 percent since DONTICS CARE implemented optimized PPC.

Engaging display advertising

Our goal with display ads is to increase value. This entails a high return on investment. In the last year, MiintByte has assisted DONTICS CARE in lowering the cost per acquisition (CPA) for new patients from display ads by 17%.How did we pull it off? By combining real-time bidding optimization with well-designed, highly compelling advertisements aimed at particular audiences. In a nutshell, we optimize display ads using hard data, which allows us to increase scope and effect without increasing advertising costs.

Social media ads that is both timely and effective

Again, our aim with social media ads is to generate value, which we define as a measurable return on investment that DONTICS CARE can rely on. That means ads that are well-designed and well-placed on the channels and devices that Sage’s future new patients use to communicate, consume media, and exchange information. Despite the fact that expenses were cut, new patient volume increased by 15% after our social media advertising campaigns were combined with tailored display advertising campaigns.

Landing pages that are optimised for conversion

It was only half the fight to get optimized, targeted, and convincing display advertising up across search and social media. We also wanted to translate those clicks into leads and appointments once we had them. To do so, MiintByte collaborated with the DONTICS CARE web development team to increase the conversation rate on their current landing pages (CVR). We accomplished this by optimizing for mobile and ensuring consistency across the patient journey, from digital ads to landing pages and beyond.

Looking forward to a marketing campaign that is much more integrated.

The  75% increase in overall patient volume from 2018 to 2019, which we achieved with just a 10% increase in the total marketing budget, was perhaps the most impressive outcome of our work with DONTICS CARE. Our next step, based on the success of this engagement, is to transfer our marketing data to and from the DONTICS CARE electronic medical record (EMR), allowing us to create even more personalised marketing strategies and campaigns. In 2019, 35,000 new patients were guided, representing a 75 percent rise in overall patient volume with just a 10% budget increase. Down, white arrow

Since launching a complete digital strategy, the cost of acquisition has decreased.

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