A.N.J MEDICAL INSTITUTE has developed itself as a prestigious institution in the world of health education, thanks to small class sizes, a welcoming faculty, and a patient-centered approach to medicine. They turned to MiintByte for assistance in increasing their annual matriculations thus lowering their cost per lead. At the same time, they wanted our team to assist them in enhancing their brand’s image and bringing their name to a larger audience.

Increasing the visibility and brand of A.N.J.:

To become a true market leader, you must ensure that your message reaches far beyond your own digital platforms. You must monitor the discussion if you want people to have a specific opinion about your brand. That’s precisely how we approached A.N.J. We knew we had plenty of content to create and distribute around the web because we had so much unique insight and input to give the world of health education.

We set out to find credible resources and websites where our client may contribute and be cited. These citations and inclusions not only got the A.N.J brand name listed on reputable websites, but they also gave the A.N.J site valuable backlinks. These backlinks tell Google and other search engines that our client is well-liked by others and that he or she should be rewarded with higher search rankings as a result. We increased the probability that prospective students will find them at different stages of their buyer’s journey by extending our client’s scope to external sites.  For example Prospective students who had previously visited

A.N.J’s website was likely familiar with our client’s school. But what about those who started their journey much earlier? What strategy would we use to reach out to them? We were able to ensure that prospects at every point of the customer journey were aware of A.N.J, their offering, and their valued status in the medical world through a highly-targeted PR campaign that got the A.N.J brand in front of key audiences around the web.

Search engine optimization:

SEO is a time-consuming and dynamic technique. We knew we had to help A.N.J rank higher for those keywords in order to help them increase the number of qualified leads to their web. We conducted extensive research to evaluate which key phrases their prospective students use during their searches and then prioritized these words to assist our client in achieving fast and long-term results. Prior to partnering with us, the A.N.J website did not appear prominently in search results for words like offshore medical schools, certified Caribbean medical schools, and others. To boost rankings for these and other useful keywords, the MiintByte team worked both behind the scenes (with technological optimizations) and directly on the A.N.J platform (with on-page content built around keywords).


In terms of marketing, SEO will only take you so far. Although organic methods are important for long-term success, the paid search must be included in the mix if you want to see results and a high return on your investment. We needed to compile a detailed negative keyword list to move certain terms into a paid-search campaign because we had already created a robust keyword list for the A.N.J SEO strategy. Negative keyword lists help us save money on advertising by ensuring that our clients’ ads don’t show up in front of people who aren’t qualified leads. We generated a range of paid ads based on top-ranking keywords as well as the mentality of our client’s audiences once we had our negative keyword list in order

Paid Social Advertising:

We have used display ads to supplement this approach, with the aim of keeping the A.N.J brand name top-of-mind for potential students. Our design and content teams worked together to build ads based on conversion. We then used three different methods to distribute these advertisements throughout the network on targeted websites.

Contextual Keyword: These ads will appear on websites with content related to targeted keywords like medical test scores, medical school admissions, or lending and loan-related content.

Placement of the Website: Our display ads appeared on pages that we considered being highly important to A.N.J’s core prospects, such as medical knowledge and studies sites, popular forums and blogs, and medical school and admissions sites.


Using SEO, Paid Search, and Paid Social Ads delivered A+ results, including:

In the first quarter, there was a 37.8% growth in applications.

The conversion rate of 4.92 percent.

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