Company Overview:

Since 2003, A.J.  Properties has been developing, acquiring, owning, and managing high-volume apartment rental properties across MAHARASTRA. Over that time, the business has expanded to include 1,500 properties, and 115,000 units, with a total construction cost of $20 billion.


It’s no mystery that the apartment rental market is huge, unpredictable, and cutthroat. With over 1,500 rental properties around the state, A.J. Properties wanted to hire a marketing and SEO specialist to evaluate their current website properties in order to attract and convert more potential tenants via organic search channels (such as Google). The organization also needed to reduce the expense of its PPC campaigns while increasing conversions (new leads) across the board.

Aggressive link-building activities

Our teams recognized domain authority as a huge opportunity for progress during our initial SEO evaluation. Our team conducted link-building outreach for specific properties to help raise domain authority for the A.J. Properties, successfully placing links on a number of authoritative industry and customer websites. A.J. Properties’ backlink portfolio has nearly doubled as a result of these link-building efforts, resulting in significant increases in domain authority and organic keyword rankings

. In addition to site-wide SEO activities, our teams launched (or relaunched newly optimized) PPC promotions aimed at specific audiences with the aim of generating more eligible leads for specific rental properties in specific areas. The Miintbyte team reorganized campaigns to make budget management and conversion rates more effective across different locations. Our team also improved keyword bid updates, introduced new ad copy, and reallocated the budget to higher-converting promotions.


Total organic impressions have increased by 50% month-to-date as a result of on-page and technological SEO, site restructuring, and link-building activities. The number of impressions for the keyword “apartments near me” increased by 7%. A.J . Properties saw a 107 percent rise in click-through rate (CTR) and a 74 percent increase in conversion rates when comparing newly configured and restructured PPC campaigns. The cost per acquisition (CPA) had dropped by 32%, suggesting much more effective PPC campaigns (and far better ROI). Organic traffic increased by 118 percent

The conversion rate increased by 74%.

White Arrow is 66% white. The cost per acquisition (CPA) has decreased, reflecting a much more cost-effective strategy. Overall, the Miintbyte team’s latest SEO and PPC initiatives have helped A.J . Properties boost their online exposure, burnish their digital footprint, and drive high-quality leads that transform into revenue-generating leases—all online.

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