Company Overview:

Express Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing HVAC services to the greater Indian area since 2001, including the installation and maintenance of boilers, hydronic heating, heat pumps, and water heaters of any make and model. Every job is handled by licensed experts that are courteous and have years of experience. Above all, the company values excellent customer service, which is shown in its stellar reputation as a top HVAC business in the Indian area.


In India, the market for HVAC services is fiercely competitive. Express Heating and Air Conditioning hired Miintbyte to help them improve their digital marketing approach in order to stay up with the different ways consumers look for HVAC services on the internet. They must maintain the structure and content of their website, as well as on-page and technical search engine optimization (SEO). Their goal was to increase visitors to their website and, as a result, generate more business.


What we did to make the page load faster and more responsive on mobile:

To rank effectively in search engines, you need mobile-optimized web pages and speedy sites. Customers that utilize search engines to locate HVAC services in Atlanta do not want to squander time. To reduce the time it takes for Express Heating and Air Conditioning’s website to load. Our team used a range of website best practices, such as code optimization, HTTP request limits, and redirect reduction or elimination. We added new schema code to help major search engines read and index Express's web pages in addition to optimizing all pages with title, header, and meta description.

How we improved website

functionality and usability Using a range of online usability best practices, our team modified the Express Heating and Air Conditioning website to make it more functional and useable for website users. This entailed including search-friendly URLs, secure procedures, and ensuring that Google properly indexed all of the company's digital assets. Improvements to the site's structure and navigation have made it easier for visitors to find information, which has resulted in a decrease in bounce rate and an increase in total engagement.

How we updated and added content

A detailed analysis of all existing Express Heating and Air Conditioning systems showed a number of possibilities. We created a specialized landing page for heating services to enhance exposure for seasonal keywords. In addition, we identified and corrected all broken links, as well as improved internal connecting between existing content. Our content team also assisted Plumb Xpress in the publication of fresh blog pieces on issues of interest to both consumers and experts in the plumbing industry. To ensure that this content was viewed, we engaged in link building operations such as submitting these blog entries to local directories, publishing press releases, and creating guest blog post

Our joint efforts in the areas of website optimization and SEO yielded some impressive and intriguing outcomes. In general, more individuals are discovering and visiting the Express Heating and Air Conditioning website—organic search traffic has climbed by 34%. The site also ranks on the first page of Google for five high-volume target keywords that generate over 1200 search results per month.Organic website traffic increased by 34%. Page views have increased by 19%. White Arrow is 6% of the total. The bounce rate has decreased.

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