Company Overview:

Since its start in 2001, Shree Construction has evolved to become one of the Maharashtra's leading homebuilders, helping over one lakh families in the construction or renovation of their next home. Shree Construction is happy to be both a Fortune 500 firm and an active leader in its local Indian community, thanks to its fundamental principles of quality, value, and honesty.


Digital marketing strategy for a nationally known Fortune 500 homebuilding company like Shree Construction is about more than simply awareness—about it's conversions. The team of Shree Construction engaged Miintbyte to bridge the gap between their website's stagnating online presence and high-quality internet traffic that converts to new business on their website.To better increase awareness and visibility online, improve site traffic and online leads (form fills and phone calls), and ultimately contribute to the sale of more shree construction properties in the metro major city, the company needed to make the most of its allocated digital marketing budget.

Growing paid search conversions while reducing CPA:

Paid search is an important aspect of our shree construction conversion strategy. To get there, we optimised all landing pages to ensure a smooth and user-friendly click-through experience from our ads. We boosted bids on high converting/efficient keywords while lowering prices on lower converting/inefficient keywords to maximise ROI advertisements. To improve relevancy, we moved all keywords into more targeted ad groups and added exact matches and negatives to all campaigns. Finally, we used several permutations of the ad wording and graphics to find the best performing ad combos. We also used paid search advertising to improve targeting and bring in more qualified users

The goal was to increase conversions, which shree construction accomplished with this more targeted digital marketing strategy. Our efforts resulted in a 23 percent increase in online conversions, with sponsored search conversions increasing by 102 percent and organic conversions increasing by 31 percent. And we accomplished it without putting a strain on the budget—in fact, we reduced cost per acquisition (CPA) by 34. Looking forward, Miintbyte aims to assist Shree Construction in generating more earned media, which will help Lennar Atlanta stand out even more from the competition. This will include highly focused outreach activities to help key team members obtain valuable byline article publishing and interviews in highly respected and relevant media and websites. Maintaining social media platforms with the most recent features and press coverage will also be a priority. The goal will be the same across all of shree construction's digital channels: to raise awareness, drive qualified traffic to the website, and produce significantly more leads and new revenue as a result. Shree construction is well underway, as evidenced by the results of our organic and paid search efforts to date.

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